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Shri Shani Chalisa

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Shri Shani Chalisa Lyrics in English with Meaning


Jai Ganesh Girija Suwan, Mangal Karan Krupaal.
Deenan Ke Dhuk Dhoor Kari, Kheejai Naath Nihaal.
Jai Jai Sri Shanidev Prabhu, Sunahu Vinay Maharaaj
Karahu Krupa Hey Ravi Thanay, Rakhahu Jan Ki Laaj.
(Oh Lord Ganesha for whom a mountain is like a flower, please be merciful,
Take away the troubles of the tortured and raise our consciousness.
Oh Shani Dev – the gracious Lord, listen to my prayers oh victorious one,
Show us your kindness oh lord and protect the modesty and purity of your devotees)

Jayathi Jayathi Shani Dayaala,
Karath Sadha Bhakthan Prathipaala.
Chaari Bhuja, Thanu Shyam Viraajai,
Maathey Rathan Mukut Chavi Chaajai.
(Victory to you, oh generous Shani Dev,
You offer eternal protection to devotees who seek your shelter,
You possess four arms, a beautiful dark skin,
And a forehead that is decorated with a crown made of pearls)

Param Vishaal Manohar Bhaala,
Tedi Dhrishti Bhrukuti Vikraala.
Kundal Shravan Chamaacham Chamke,
Hiye Maal Mukthan Mani Dhamkai.
(You possess a huge and bright spear along with a smart personality,
A frowning sight and the expression of a slayer,
Your ear-rings shine brightly in the light,
And so does the pearl necklace around your neck.)

Kar Me Gadha Thrishul Kutaara,
Pal Bich Karai Arihi Samhaara.
Pinghal, Krishno, Chaaya, Nandhan,
Yum, Konasth, Raudra, Dhuk Bhamjan.
(You carry with you a mace, a trident and a battle-axe,
Slaying your enemies in one go.
Pinglo, Krishna, Son of Chhaya,
Yama, Konastha, Raudra & the Annihilator of pain & suffering,)

Sauri, Mandh Shani, Dhasha Naama,
Bhanu Puthra Poojhin Sab Kaama.
Jaapar Prabu Prasan Havain Jhaahin,
Rakhhun Raav Karai Shan Maahin.
(Sauri, Manda – these ten names that belong to you,
Oh son of Lord Surya, you bring fame to them.
When you are pleased or displeased with someone,
You can immediately transform him from a beggar to a king or the reverse.)

Parvathhu Thrun Hoi Nihaarath,
Thrunhu Ko Parvath Kari Daarath.
Raaj Milath Ban Raamhin Dheenhyo,
Kaikeyihu Ki Mathi Hari Linhiyo.
(You can make the simplest of work complex and tedious,
And the toughest of tasks seem simple with your blessings.
Lord Rama was forced into exile instead of being given his kingdom,
Because of the twisted wish of Queen Kaikeyi – the wife of King Dasharatha.)

Banhu Mae Mrug Kapat Dhikaayi,
Maathu Janki Gayi Churaayi.
Lakhanhin Shakthi Vikal Kari Daara,
Machiga Dhal Mae Haahaakaar.
(In the woods Lord Rama was distracted by an illusory deer,
And as a result Sita – an incarnation of Mother Nature – was kidnapped.
Even Lord Rama’s brother Lakshmana fainted,
Inspiring fear in every member of Lord Rama’s army.)

Raavan Ki Ghathi-Mathi Bauraayi,
Ramchandra Soan Bair Badaayi.
Dhiyo Keet Kari Kanchan Lanka,
Baji Bajarang Beer Ki Danka.
(Ravana lost touch with his sense and wisdom,
And ended up picking a fight against Lord Rama,
But as soon as Bajrang Bali (Lord Hanuman) invaded Ravana’s Lanka,
The Golden Lanka was turned into ruins.)

Nrup Vikram Par Thuhin Pagu Dhaara,
Chitra Mayur Nigli Gai Haara.
Haar Naulakka Laagyo Chori,
Haath Pair Darvaayo Thori.
(When King Vikramaditya was suffering through the Dasha phase of Shani,
The pictured peacock had swallowed away his valuable necklace.
Even Lord Krishna had to face allegations of theft,
And was badly beaten as a result.)

Bhaari Dhasha Nikrusht Dhikaayo
Thelhin Ghar Kholhu Chalvaayo.
Vinay Raag Dheepak Mah Khinhayo,
Thab Prasann Prabhu Hvai Sukh Dheenhayo.
(During Shani Dev’s Maha Dasha period which is filled with adversity,
Lord Krishna had to work in the house of a layman.
Submitting to your power and with pure devotion, Lord Krishna prayed to you oh Shani Dev,
And only when you were pleased, was he granted everything that he wished for.)

Harishchandrahun Nrup Naari Bhikani,
Aaphun Bharen Dome Gar Paani.
Thai nal par dasha sirani’
Bhunji-Meen Koodh Gayi Paani.
(Even King Harishchandra suffered during your Dasha period,
He lost all that he owned and even his wife was sold away.
He was forced to do menial work,
At a house of a poor sweeper.)

Sri Shankarhin Gahyo Jab Jaayi,
Paarvathi Ko Sathi Karaayi.
Thanik Vilokath Hi Kari Reesa,
Nabh Udi Gayo Gaurisuth Seesa.
(When you transited through the zodiac sign of Lord Shiva,
His wife Parvati (in her first incarnation as Sati) had to suffer injury through incineration in fire.
When you looked at the young Lord Ganesha,
His head bounced into the sky and was destroyed.)

Paandav Par Bhay Dasha Thumhaari,
Bachi Draupadhi Hothi Udhaari.
Kaurav Ke Bi Gathi Mathi Maaryo,
Yudh Mahabharath Kari Daryo.
(When the Pandavas were going through your Dasha period,
They even lost their wife Draupadi in a bet and were left with no belongings.
Even the Kauravas were not spared and they lost their sense and wisdom,
Sparking the great battle of Mahabharata against the Pandavas.)

Ravi Kah Mukh Mahn Dhari Thathkala,
Lekar Koodhi Paryo Paathaala.
Sesh Dhev-Lakhi Vinthi Laayi,
Ravi Ko Mukh Thay Dhiyo Chudaayi.
(Oh Shani Dev, you swallowed the sun,
And went away into the third world,
Only when all the other Gods came together to pray to you,
Was the Sun saved from eternal obscurity.)

Vaahan Prabhu Kay Sath Sujana,
Juj Dhigaj Gadharbh Mrugh Swaana.
Jambuk Sinh Aadhi Nakh Dhari,
So Phal Jyothish Kahath Pukari.
(Oh Shani Dev, you have seven distinct vahanas/animal vehicles for transportation,
One each of an elephant, a horse, an ass and a deer,
A dog, a jackal and a lion – all animals with nails.
And based on this astrologers declare that…)

Gaj Vahan Lakshmi Gruha Aavai,
Hay Thay Sukh Sampathi Upjaavai.
Gadharbh Haani Karai Bahu Kaaja,
Sinha Sidhkar Raaj Samaja.
(Riding on an elephant, Shani Dev brings with Him money,
Riding on a horse, Shani Dev brings home comfort and wealth.
Riding on an ass, Shani Dev assigns losses in infinite ways,
Riding on a lion, Shani Dev grants riches, kingdoms and fame.)

Jhambuk Budhi Nasht Kar Darai,
Mrug Dhe Kasht Praan Samharai.
Jab Aavahi Prabu Svan Savaari,
Choru Aaadhi Hoy Dar Bhaari.
(Riding on a jackal, Shani Dev, takes away all wisdom, sense and intellect,
Riding on a deer, Shani Dev grants death and pain.
Riding on a dog, Shani Dev curses one with accusations of theft,
Making the cursed a beggar and the equivalent of a lowly stone.)

Thaishi Chaari Charan Yuh Naama,
Swarn Laoh Chaandhi Aru Thama.
Lauh Charan Par Jab Prabu Aavain,
Daan Jan Sampathi Nashta Karavain.
(In a similar manner, you have four different forms of your feet,
Made of Gold, Iron, Silver and Copper.
When you come home with your Iron feet,
You destroy all of one’s wealth and belongings.)

Samatha Thaamra Rajath Shubhkari ,
Swarn Sarva Sukh Mangal Bhaari.
Jo Yuh Shani Charithra Nith Gavai,
Kabahu Na Dasha Nikrushta Sathavai.
(Your Copper feet signal that things will be left unharmed, while Silver feet signal many benefits,
And brightest of them all, your golden feet bring all types of happiness.
Whoever sings your prayers in a manner like this, oh Shani Dev,
He is never troubled by your adverse periods.)

Adhbuth Nath Dhikavain Leela,
Karain Shatru Kay Nashi Bhali Deela.
Jo Pundith Suyogya Bulvaayi
Vidhvath Shani Gruha Shanthi Karayi.
(You display your magical actions before your devotees,
Killing and leaving their enemies helpless.
Educated men and priests who perform your pooja (holy ritual),
Manage to please you through Vedic methods.)

Peepal Jal Shani Diwas Chadavath,
Deep Dhaan Dhai Bahu Sukh Pawath.
Kahath Raam Sundhar Prabu Dhasa,
Shani Sumirath Sukh Hoth Prakasha.
(One who waters a Peepal tree(representing Shani Dev) each Saturday,
And offers incense/fragrance and lamps at your feet,
Says Rama, a devotee of you, oh handsome Shani Dev,
Will gain comfort, health and wealth.)


Path Shanishchar Dev Ko, Ki Ho Bhakt Taiyaar,
Karat Path Chalis Din, Ho Bhavasaagar Paar.
(A devotee who is ever prepared to sing with devotion to Shani Dev,
And chants Shri Shani Chalisa for forty days, will easily find his way to Heaven)

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Method of reciting Shri Shani Chalisa

Shri Shani Chalisa yields the best results when chanted immediately after taking a bath early in the morning. Chanting of Shri Shani Chalisa should ideally be done before an image or photograph of Shri Shani Dev. Understanding the meaning of the verses of the Shani Chalisa is also believed to enhance its effects.

Benefits of reciting Shri Shani Chalisa

Regularly reciting Shri Shani Chalisa keeps all troubles and harm away by ensuring the blessings and protection of Shani Dev. Like thousands of Hindu devotees, you should recite Shri Shani Dev Chalisa regularly to –

  • Receive Shani Dev’s protection to preserve the purity of your thoughts
  • Rid yourself of all troubles, obstacles and adversities that mark your path towards success
  • Be relieved of all pain & suffering in your life
  • Seek significant transformation in your life – in terms of material possessions and mental & physical capabilities
  • Develop the ability to find simple solutions to the most complex problems and understand complex situations with ease
  • Be protected from false accusations of crimes and evil actions
  • Be eternally protected from sudden and unexpected adversities that can have a negative impact on your life path
  • Gain refuge from Shani Dev and for protection against his anger and gaze of destruction
  • Ensure the destruction of your enemies
  • Be blessed with comfort, mental peace, physical well-being and material possessions
  • Find a path to Heaven through the strength and conviction to commit righteous actions during your life-time

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